Flight Writing is a space for emerging writers to try something new. We’re looking for unconventional voices in stories and poetry. Here, we encourage difference. From primary school to university, we are taught the bigger the word, the higher the grade. We want to debunk this myth from seeping into creativity, especially for young writers. We want to pump fresh blood into the Irish literary scene.

We’re for the English graduates who expected creative writing modules. For the ones who studied Arts because someone told them they’d be famous by now. Your first publication could be the nourishment you need to become great. Expressing the Irish experience is important to us, but if you’ve lived in Ireland or feel an affinity with us, by all means submit. Hone your craft with us.

Poetry is accepted in English, Irish, Spanish and German because sometimes English isn’t enough. If it is your second, third or even fourth language, we accept your mistakes with open arms. Although we are an Irish platform, we accept submissions from around the world. There is no entry fee to encourage experimentation and to avoid the urge to make your work more marketable. We do ask that you remain patient as we have many submissions to read through.

Come storytellers, come poets, come artists.

​Be bold. Be daring. Submit.