An unmarked grave

by Edmund Caterpillar

conscious, the emptiness revealed him
a nut in a zeitgeist
on a bastards’ day outing to the beach
He invited death in,
wrapped a rope swinging from a chain fence around his throat
pulled until his heart stilled like a busted pump
he heard the driftwood crack in the heat of the day
and the eucalyptus pods explode
he choked and he cried as he hurled himself upon himself
whilst hieronymus monk fucked francis bacon beside a child’s discarded bucket

he watched his meagre creation
but one of which he was very proud
at the water line
vanish beneath the spume capped boots
of the sea.

The rope broke so he crammed his mouth full of dried grass and drain water
sifted the diarrhoea
that let him get the back seat of the mini bus to the home
all to himself


Edmund Caterpillar is an Australian poet based in Hong Kong. He has been published on both sides of the Atlantic most recently in London Grip, Into the Void and RA review

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