Windshield memories

by Cristina Bresser

Windshield memories, windshield shattered, Death at the next sharp curve. Looking through the glass, every other minute. The foot sole presses the pedal, the tyres press the asphalt. Looking again and again, if a distracted driver gets distracted. Loses it. Manslaughter. Then a divine sign, plaza toll a mile away. Loosen up the muscles, relax the trapezius, and deep breathe. Takes the world from the back, the mastodon. A truck tyre. Home is on the horizon.

Cristina Bresser studied Creative Writing at University of Edinburgh, 2016. She is the author of the 2016 novel Quaso tudo é risível (Almost Everything is Laughable) and was included in the anthology Torre de Papel (Paper Tower) in 2015.

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