After Mezzaniti

They all slept here, once,
between the crook
of my arm and body

while I lay awake afraid,
too unsure and lost in new
for sleep to find me

so while body rested,
mind roamed free
the waiting night,

its shadowed soul,
but where it went
I do not know,

only that it would
meet, greet them
when it came home,

when morning dawned
for them to leave me.
I sleep alone.

Neil Slevin MA, BSc is a writer from Co. Leitrim, Ireland, whose poetry has been published by various Irish publications, including Skylight 47, Boyne Berries, and Into The Void, and numerous international journals, such as Scarlet Leaf Review and Artificium: The Journal. His flash fiction appeared in The Incubator. 

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