Decaying hags with cobwebs for curls
Hover over the fresh fruit
A salty sharp chill wind cuts in from the sea
Clouds roil in an ominous sky

There’s something spooky, dark magical in the twilight air
Pharmacy pumpkins cackle as I pay for my pill.
Celtic folklore and Celtic Tiger capitalism
Cast spells together so you can’t forget
Hallowe’en is coming

And I am gently amused by the thought
I don’t need a costume this year
Not now I know who I am, not now I know what’s at stake;
Though still called witches
Modern feminists aren’t so easily burned.

Naomi Elster has a PhD in breast cancer. She has trained medical and science students in biology and scientific techniques at universities, taught creative writing at a psychiatric facility, and taught English as a foreign language. She writes fiction, nonfiction, and scripts, and has been widely published, including by The Establishment, The Guardian and Crannog Magazine. Twitter @Naomi_Elster

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