Costa Villain

by Gráinne Daly

Glides around Puerto Banus
in his Porsche,
likes to be seen and heard,
keeps it in third
cruising up and down the marina
looking for birds.

No flash-in-the pan crim
this twenty two year old’s earned
his right to flash his toys,
been working the Costa since
he got of out the Joy.

Gets higher on the oohs and aahs of
honeys chasing money
down the port,
off his head on white and wealth
he flashes his wheels
and a blonde walks over –
a few words,
jumps in,

the irresistible lure of the Costa Villain.

Gráinne Daly is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and most recently University College Dublin where she completed an MA in Creative Writing. She was shortlisted for the Gregory O’Donoghue International Poetry Prize, Maeve Binchy UCD Travel Award and Robert Monteith Poetry Prize. Gráinne is currently working on her debut novel.

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